About Our Mission

Our Mission, Goals, & Values

Our mission is to provide short-term respite for parents or guardians of children with developmental disabilities; allowing them time to relax, recharge, and enjoy time with each other.

Our families will be provided with an evening out that includes dinner, movie, and other entertainment opportunities. We will also provide trained childcare to those in need. Our goal is that the caregivers will return home refreshed; united and better equipped to give the best care possible to their child.


Services We Offer

  • Evening out to a restaurant
  • Form of entertainment
  • Child care reimbursement
  • Selectively trained childcare
  • Services for two people to enjoy

Founder’s Story

In late 2016, I found myself in a very bad place. Even though I had good job, a new home, and a beautiful family ; I was unhappy.

Even though I had a successful career up to that point, my work had grown stagnant, I felt as though I was just going through the motions and putting in time. My wife and I didn’t really see each other much because one of us was always working to make ends meet. While he was a happy and infectious toddler, Liam had yet to be diagnosed with ASD and we were growing concerned with delays in his development. He constantly needed to be cared for which made it hard on our other two boys, Lucas and Maddex.

Burnt out and frustrated, I withdrew back into myself and blocked out the world around me. I could no longer hear Liam’s Laughter. I couldn’t hear anything.

As 2016 came to a close, I came across the best selling book, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin. The book chronicled her year long quest of making resolutions based on making her happier. I thought that I could do the same thing and that’s exactly what I did. You can find the blog here – billshappinessproject.wordpress.com

The year long project had it’s ups and down but ultimately it was a huge success. During the year, Liam was diagnosed with ASD, which was scary but we came out of it with a lot of direction and hope. I was able to take some time off, enjoy my family, had a record year at work and discovered what really made me happy. Most importantly, I could hear Liam’s Laughter again. I could hear the whole family.

The one clear thing that I learned during the Happiness Project was ; there is no end. If I am not constantly moving forward there is no hope for prolonged happiness.

I also knew that it was time to give something back and to somehow bring happiness to others. I learned that helping others brought me a lot of happiness as well. I joined the Board of the local Chamber of Commerce as well as the PTO and both those organizations has been a blast and I look forward to continuing serving the community in those groups.

It time now to form my own company, whose main objective is to give those caregiver to those with developmental disabilities and life threatening illnesses a moment to relax, a moment to breathe, a moment to be with themselves and each other. A moment to hear the laughter.

Thank you for being here. We hope to be in full operation by January 1st 2019.

President and Founder

Bill Haddad Jr.

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